The Story of Trish Rubin


Trish Rubin is a consummate communications consulting professional who builds and executes strategies for business and not-for-profit clients that result in increased brand presence in any market. The secret to success in working with Trish? Her masterful relationship building skill sets her apart as she works for your success in traditional and digital lanes.


Trish brings a remarkably comprehensive skill set and extraordinarily diverse network of her own to the goal of helping her clients to be their best.  With an educator’s fervent attention to both goals, objectives and the process, Trish’s ability to create results that bring business success is framed by one satisfied client’s phrase: All Roads Lead to Trish!

Trish consults internationally in the area of global student development. She shares her passion through mentoring and teaching Marketing and Branding to college and university students.


 "Sharing Brand Energy"                          With Kate White, Cosmo Editor and Leadership Coach


PR  / New Media Consulting

"In my Own Words"




Media relations are an essential part of any communication and business development strategy in today’s marketplace, where a comprehensive visibility plan is crucial.  Effective access to the right media outlets is vital to reaching your intended audience. Success lies in mingling traditional PR/advertising practices with increasingly indispensable digital methods. 


I navigate the range of messaging choices, highlighting your brand’s value in its industry, telling your story to your target consumers, and starting a conversation.  I strategically use my connections to television, print, blog and social media influencers. Don’t get lost in the overloaded media stream. I focus your outreach and optimize your exposure.


Evolution of the Trish Rubin Brand


Trish’s passion lies in cultivating success in others and empowering individuals and organizations to build strong professional relationships.  She has advanced this passion through her own exceptional communications skills and an international network of clients and contacts.


Trish’s understanding of the power of communication began, first, as a classroom teacher and later as a thought leader in American education. Her ability to create nationally recognized training programs led to careers with the U.S. Department of Education as a staff/program developer and USA TodayED as National Writing Consultant.  


In 2003, she launched her own training company, The EdVentures Group, which specialized in teaching business professionals and education leaders.  She traveled across America, and to Europe and Asia, giving seminars and presentations at universities, businesses and organizations, including the United Nations.  


Expanding her outreach with authentic hands-on partnerships, Trish created a new brand, TrishBrand NYC, and now works with business, agencies, educational institutions and not-for-profit clients to build their brands, market their services/products, and develop their industry presence and consumer base through public relations, media, and events, resulting in increasingly powerful, wide-ranging business relationships. In addition, she is a Lecturer in Marketing at Baruch College.


Her passion for creating connections led her to author Trish Rubin’s New York Minute on Networking, an instructional book and reference guide with proven practices for developing and maintaining successful professional associations. Her newest book, BrandED, with respected global tech educator, Eric Sheninger, brings the concept of branding to a new audience of educational leaders as a tool for professional development in a social and digital age. 


ThroughTrish Rubin LTD, Trish brings a remarkably comprehensive consulting, speaking and training skill set to business, schools, nonprofit and agency work.  Trish has a proven record of achievement.  Trish’s ability to create results is framed by one satisfied client’s phrase:



“Why do all roads lead to Trish? Because she has the positive, strategic energy to attract exactly the right resources, assets and customers that are necessary to grow businesses.” 

  • Mary Jaensch, Principal, Spark Solutions for Growth



Thought Leadership

"In my Own Words"


As a professional educator and published author, I communicate ideas. As a business development specialist and consummate networker and community manager, I build relationships. As a public speaker, workshop facilitator and global college instructor, I inform current and future leaders. Trish Rubin LTD is where my career paths meet. Combining my business experience and my educational expertise, I teach others to use my innovative approaches and proven practices. I have trained thousands of service professionals to be at their best.


I share my message through traditional media channels of television and radio, in the increasingly important digital world of analog and streaming communication, and through face to face professional development workshops. Working in multiple industries and multiple countries, I bring my messages that increase  business reach to boardrooms and schoolrooms, staff meetings, corporate conferences and other professional development forums.

   "Showcase your Original Brand Story "                                                            Photo by Trish Rubin

 "Showcase your Original Brand Story "                                                        Photo by Trish Rubin


Brand Builder

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Branding is the process of building a comprehensive image of your product or service for consumers to trust. In addition to name recognition and visibility, brand is the story you tell that engages your market, creating a unique experience that keeps them coming back to your service or product offering.  As your consummate storyteller, I partner closely with you in the never-ending goal of generating brand loyalty. Using face-to-face and digital communication, I create and disseminate brand stories for businesses, non-profit organizations and educational communities  in today’s competitive  marketplace. 

"Tell your Brand Story Fearlessly"                                                        Photo by Trish Rubin                                        

"Tell your Brand Story Fearlessly"                                                      Photo by Trish Rubin                                      



Network Developer

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Building relationships is a mix of in-person and digital connecting.  Part art and part science, network growth is essential to a company’s success in this fast-paced, wide-reaching, and technology-reliant world.  My own network is a cross-industry treasure of connections – and “connection” is the key!  It is not merely about whom you know, but whom you trust and who trusts you.  I have built a platinum-level network of trusted influencers in over a dozen fields.  Many of these connections began with a traditional handshake and a look in the eye, growing from there based on my genuine interest in people, my pursuit of mutual understanding, and my desire to serve as a bridge between like-minded businesspeople. 

Tell your Story"Face to Face"                   Photo by Trish Rubin

Tell your Story"Face to Face"                   Photo by Trish Rubin

I complement the traditional approach of in-person relationship-building with my extensive knowledge of Influencer Networking through social media, where “word of mouth” has entered a whole new realm in today’s online world.   You can benefit from my connections and my expertise as I build your visibility, tell your story, and generate a complementary network of influencers for your business through trusted partners who share your brand story. With my guidance you can build your community faster through my influencer network skill set.





Event & Experiential MarketinG



To complement your brand reach, put yourself in the hands of an experienced event manager. Together we make face-to-face meetings with your market into events that bring ROI and scalability. We collaborate to set your goals and vision for bringing event marketing into a new or existing plan to build your business. With an influencer network to support your event, we create memorable experiences within your budget for new fans as we keep your brand enthusiasts connected for spreading the word about your product or service. Creative service from Program Development, to event promotion and management of your event will keep your market engaged and loyal.




Contact Trish Rubin for engaging keynote sessions and professional development seminars. Her newest book, BrandED, with Co-Author Eric Sheninger, provides a global platform for the discussion of a Brand innovation in education through a "mash-up" of psychology, culture, technology that creates school improvement in three ways: Improved School Culture, Expanded School Performance and Connected School Resourcing. Audiences of educational administrators and their teams benefit from her lively presentational workshop style and practical strategies from being at the intersection of business and education. Trish brings the new lens of BrandED energy to your school improvement effort.

School LeadershipTopics: 

The Craft of Brand for School Leaders: Tell Your Story. Build Relationships. Empower Learning.

Image Promise and Result: Lead your School to Improved Culture, Performance & Resources.

Brand and Multicultural Strategies to engage your School Community

Higher ED Topics:

Build your Personal Brand: Image, Promise and Result that Travel

One Credit Wonder Courses for Global Study



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