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Bette Davis Didn't Jog: Three Truths to Run with to Build your Personal Brand

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi Stassinopoulos

My  highlight  of last week was seeing the force of nature that is Agapi Stassinopoulos at a small business dinner  in the Village. She had manifested me there, but that's another story. The story is that we have common ground in knowing the respected Wharton School of Business powerhouse professor, Adam Grant. Being a big believer in Adam's theory of giving in business, I knew I had to meet Agapi. I'd already met her sister, Arrianna Huffington, and I was curious, of course, to see the woman who, in her own right, has made a difference in so many lives. 

Agapi defines Giving. Look the word up on Wikipedia. Her face should be there next to the word. Her energy could have powered the entire West Village. No one in the room, including the wait staff left that night without feeling that they mattered. As a leadership lesson, I took from this night, that I needed to be bold in an authentic way about asking for what I wanted so that I can be a better leader. The simple words of "How can I help?" and "Would you help me?" are all we need in making relationships that are win-win as leaders.


But I loved the Bette Davis line when she discussed the need for us to find the calm inside. "Calm is superpower! Stop running yourself into the ground for success. Remember who came before you...they possessed a calm. Bette Davis didn't jog, jog, jog!! Look how far she went." 

I live in a city that thrives on fast. Jogging? What about Spinning? Tindering?! So as I thought about the need to find that calm, Agapi led us to homework. Find the three words that are part of your truth, your calm, and try giving through those words. As I find myself in front of groups often as a speaker, I want to live my brand personality with those calm superpowers of truth. Here's mine. Find your own this week! And be proud of them.

My calm is rooted in a boundless, thoughtful  energy...

My calm is advanced by my curiosity...

My calm is connected to fearless desire to build relationships....

Please look to Agapi and her book of leadership lessons that are in the stories she shares in  "Unbinding the Heart", A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love. I read the book in a matter of days, and it has enriched my spirit, mind and body already! Love to share best practices in GIVING! 



PIVOT to a Sustained Brand: Plan for Possibility

PIVOT...a point of rotation.


In this quickly shifting  world , I am often asked by the students I mentor and teach in NYC: is it better to have a plan or to let things just happen naturally as you build your career? As a marketing instructor, I know the 4 P's. My answer is to keep a few P's in mind--3 P's in fact: Possibility. Plan. Pivot

Last Thursday, a very bright Baruch student sat in front of me. We could see the city of NYC outside the window on a spectacular morning. A world of professional careers existed right through that window on millions of people in thousands of buildings. Kseniya was anxious. She wanted to lay out her foolproof route to her career goals before she graduates. She sees her friends in finance and accounting doing that. She's in marketing. Not so cut and dry for finding a direction.

In responding to her concern, I first wanted her to relax. The word possibility came to mind. Looking out the window, I suggested that scene presented the POSSIBILITIES that were out there in a big city of millions of people. How about  a Plan for Possibility? That's a PLAN that have some "give" in it. To me that means welcoming the range of options using  social and human capital skills you have, and thinking as big as you can about that skill set, matching yourself to possibilities across various industries. Thinking big is part of the plan: "Go Big or Go Home" is the attitude. Use  your planning time time to make as many informational calls, interviews and contacts with seasoned people who can help you see if you are a match to the industry you are investigating.

 As you collaborate, connect, network within  your plan---the final P is PIVOT. Being aware of your ability to rotate, move, arch in a new direction is part of being a professional today. We can't control a lot of what happens in this changing economy. A modern professional is always ready to pivot when one door closes, so another can be opened. Pivoting is based upon BRAND development. If you work on your personal and professional brand, and keep sharing it through  continuous networking, you will be a pivoting star. So relax. At any age, Plan for Possibility that allows you the control of Pivoting to new opportunities that match your professional brand.  

EducatED Relationships: Bringing the Power of Relationships to Schools

As a self-described "educationalist", I am part educator and promoter...

I've had a long and unique, successful first career in public education that led me to opportunities in communication with USAToday. Work that  launched  my own communications consulting practice. I'm teaching again now as an instructor at Baruch College in NYC, serving business clients, and I'm adding to my authorship as I work on a forward thinking groundbreaking book about using Brand principles to improve school management with a tremendous partner.

Nothing that I've done in my professional life has come without my awareness of making connections and building networks. It's natural for me. Not so natural for others. The lack of support and awareness for that need in 2004 led me to look outside of public education, but I'm back.

Seth Godin, brilliant marketer, talks about "tribes" in his TEDTalks. Well, I'm happy to be back in the tribe of educators. My mission is to see my colleagues in schools are educatedED in relationship building.  Building relationships can improve the school experience for all involved. Building relationships positively impacts culture, performance and resourcing of schools.

Launching this blog with a post on educational relationship building and the need for being relational as we practice our craft seems like coming home. I will be blogging about all sorts of relational themes, but the EducatED Relationships that can raise the value of our public schools will be on my mind as I write over the next months. And I'm looking for fellow tribe members around the world who have this awareness. and are willing to share what they know about connecting for school success. 

It's a nosy 3.0 world of buzz thanks to the internet. That means a goldmine for building relationships. Digital and social media can do only so much. Build relationships from scratch and not from just a screen. Put out your hand, look someone in the eye and say hello. 

Hello, I'm Trish Rubin and I want to talk about the power of relational life.