Jahana Hayes

Jahana Hayes: Servant Leader and our National Teacher of the Year 2016

Jahana Hayes NTOY 2016

CBS news has done it again.  I was thrilled and excited to meet, Jahana Hayes today thanks to the CBS This Morning show. What an inspiring, honest,genuine, fearless and totally captivating personality is Ms Hayes. I would hope people google this name...not just educators, but people across communities can be inspired to action through her brand. Jahana spoke with passion about her mission. It is pure Servant Leadership that is part of the book BrandED that will be out in 2017. The brand I see in her was captured by her comments about community service that all teachers need to embrace. In a digitally transparent world this is so possible. She spoke of the need for schools to build "Conscientious Members of Society". That sounds like a brand to rally around. My masters in Public Administration head just perked up at that! I recall her students cheering her with such love: it brought tears to my eyes. The most memorable of comments came when she stated, " All the mistakes I have made  have made me the best I can be." She's a treasure. I think @hillaryclinton could choose her as VP! I look forward to hearing more from her as she spends a year sharing her lessons with us...and one interesting point...the last person CBS news brought to my atttention was my co-author----

In 2009 I was "introduced" via a CBS interview to  Eric Sheninger