Build your Brand and Smile!


When speaking to superintendents, I stress that with every new connection they make using their well-defined brand, they amplify a UBV, their Unique Brand Value—and eventually see result in developing the district brand. The need for leaders to become the Storyteller-in Chief grows with the popularity of digital and social media. Having an educator brand is necessary in this transparent world. The word is spreading. According to Paul Le Blank, President of Southern New Hampshire University, “ Leadership is about being Storyteller-in Chief, crafting a narrative and a vision that inspires people to embrace a shared mission, gives them a sense of meaning, and compels them to do all they can in service to the mission. This is true leadership at every level.” This quote from ConnectED Leaders says it all!

Be perceived as genuine with your personal professional brand. Smile and share your authenticity. Take visibility to heart as you build your brand and connection, not as self-promotion but as a true representation of your core value. The superintendent’s brand strength and the district’s brand strength can both be told in an ongoing narrative to the benefit of students. We build our brands in service to them.