Cheers to a Campaign of CHANGE!


School leaders get excited when a new school year is on the horizon. Business leaders too when they start a new campaign. These launches are full of promise, and remarkable small ideas can be the "thousand small touches" Michael Eisner talked about in the course of a school year or a business cycle that make change happen. These are the tiny touches that your teams and networks can deliver to sustain the interest on the road to change as you are bring forward new thinking, like the innovation of building a brand. 

As we have been sharing how to create a BrandED culture and how to build a BrandED plan with leaders in our BrandEd bootcamp these past months, I see the bubbling up of energy ready to be released at the start of a campaign by newly minted brand savvy leaders: new communication directions, new strategies, new messaging in realtime and online.

This launch energy is like the setting of more than 100 million explosive bubbles free in opening a new bottle of champagne. If not consumed, million bubbles of that opened champagne are lost. But you can't gulp champagne--or change. When sustaining the momentum of change after a big launch, leaders have to be the stewards of the innovative effort. making sure that the change doesn't fall flat, fizzle out, lose its sparkle of promise.

But all hope is not lost if things do slow down, if change process needs your spark, leaders can take a page from the champagne lover's book.They revive nearly-flat champagne: by dropping a single raisin into the bottle. It will collect and then gradually release remaining carbon dioxide from the first fermenting that is left in the flat champagne, putting some fizz back into the drink. Saving the bubbly.

This is a metaphor proves one small compelling action by an observant and active leader can be that "raisin" of power to ignite any campaign. Be ready to step up to sustain the innovation and make change "stick" with your unique modeling and committed leadership... it's the raisin to your team's efforts as change makers. 

Cheers to innovation in your communities! Keep going, leaders... keep bubbling up change...and be ready to see yourself involved as the steward--- the wine steward-in-chiefof a new sparkling experience for your organization.