Brand Dynamite: Start your Social Media Avalanche


it’s one hot summer. Why am I thinking about avalanches?


The Wise Geek platform got me thinking about something called a “slab avalanche”. . Then, I start thinking about organization and leadership, not snow.


A lot of leaders I work with are afraid of the “slab avalanche” of online engagement. They are skeptical about opening up to social media feed. They are afraid of Twitter. Lazy on LinkedIn. Instagram averse. FB phobic.


Some leaders  fear social media  “slab avalanches”. Mistakenly they think that a loud noise, and by that I mean an online caustic comment, a sharp opinion, a nasty retort from a community member ,or a customer, a stakeholder will create an avalanche of negative bad feeling among community that will crush them in a transparent time. They chose not to engage. Wrong!


Social media averse leaders think that just like a loud noise supposedly triggers an avalanche, an unstoppable this wave of bad news, bad buzz, bad press online will cause a communication snowslide that will damage them professionally. But it ain’t so. Avalanches do not result from a sudden loud noise. A gunshot or a yodel can't start an avalanche. It's a scientific fact. It’s just noise.


So leaders, get over it... do not fear the noise of social media and a possible “slab avalanche”. A negative word, post, complaint, verbal arrow won’t be enough to stop your leadership agenda if you include an online strategy of Brand to engage your community ahead of crisis.


And actually if you get savvy online YOU can create a rush, a movement, a positive “slab avalanche” of good about your brand and your school by layering on the video and content that promotes your work. When scientists have started avalanches, they do so with controlled use of dynamite and create the right event. Take a lesson from that!


Use your own verbal and visual dynomite on social media  to create waves of good feeling... an avalanche of support for your school brand --and your leadership brand. And enjoy the ride!