Brand Activation: 4 Ways to Experiential School Brand Marketing

Brand Activations with Trish Rubin and Scott Kerr at Baruch College

Brand Activations with Trish Rubin and Scott Kerr at Baruch College



Typically schools offer community events for holidays like homecoming, or curriculum events like science fairs, and sporting activities like Friday night basketball games. Without a strategy, you miss an opportunity to build school brand “belonging.” into these events that with get people talking. Check your Maslow...belonging is an important need!


Become a BRAND ACTIVATOR  school leader. See school events as a connecting power a Brand glue that creates better culture, one based on true belonging. School events are part of an Experiential Marketing strategy that is used in the business world of brand that we can adapt! The events are untapped gems for conveying school  brand to your tribe.


Overhaul your event calendar to share the new brand image you are building!


1.Secure your School Brand Assets First: Have your Brand messaging ready before you take on Activation thinking: Powerful words, mantras, short mission statements, positioning statements and brand promises as part of every event and woven into the activities consistently. Use these events to create the One Thousand Small touches for building School Brand!



2.Recognize Connecting Brand Power: In schools each school event is isolated from another. Planned in silos these are “one offs” and not connected to a long-term emotional strategy to connect kids, staff, teacher, parents and community to the greater benefits of the whole school. Bundle school events and connect them consistently as “experiences”-- Brand ACTIVATIONS... .communication opportunities that showcase the school BRAND as it is experienced in the environment, events that create consistent messaging  help bring  what marketers call “stickiness”… the engagement of a community over and over again with positive feeling for the school. Create a new attitude !


3.Understand the Need of your Community to Experience: We live in the digital age of experience. What does your community want to gather around ? Find out how your community wants to celebrate and learn how they want to connect to events..Think of your market. Poll, survey or focus group activity can give you a sense of how experience should be offered. Find out what Celebrations of Life are missing from your calendar and build them in along with Prom, plays, and club activities. Remember Maya Angelou… people will remember how you made them feel. Brand Activation is about building emotion and feeling into events that are related to your brand messaging.


4. Lead with the Camera Culture. By 2020 75% of all content on the internet that is shared will be VISUAL. You can build your school brand through visual messages that can be liked and shared. The goal is to have your community feel the belonging so powerfully through Experiential Brand Activations that they share their own visual content creations of their experience with the school brand and use your powerful language, messages and hashtags so the word travels!