Thanks to marketing icon Seth Godin...I'm taking on a micro-blog state of mind.

I hope to be more present in the blogging universe by using the power of three words that present  small thoughts that could have big value for readers experiencing TIME POVERTY...the Sparks & Honey Agency's word for what we are experiencing in our "always on" digital state .

So here goes....Here's the first three words: AWARENESS. TRUST. REMARKABILITY.

Judith Wilson, my BrandED Bootcamp training colleague has her antenna up. She's got  AWARENESS... That’s a requirement for a new age school leader. As Eric Sheninger  and I say in BrandED "No more ivory tower." Leaders must take in a big view of the world outside their schools. Connections abound! So even attending a social event moved Judy to share a brandED leadership connection when she saw Dr. Ginny Mantello speaking at a recent event.

Dr. Ginny related that at 15 years old in the 1970’s, she lived in Mumbai India and experienced something that changed her life. Her protective mom agreed to let Ginny hike the Himalayas this very young age.  And WHY? Dr. Mantello said it was only because the managing group was the YMCA, a brand she TRUSTED. Flash forward to now. Ginny was a parent at Judy's school when she was principal. 

Dr. Ginny is now a community leader and the Director of Health and Wellness for Borough President Oddo on Staten Island. That YMCA brand  influenced her very protective mother  allowing her to take part in a life changing  event when she was a child. The brand was TRUSTED by her very careful Mom... The brand...YMCA.. is the brand we often celebrate on the dance floor at family occasions,but it  is more than that!

Leaders----Keep you AWARENESS across other industries going and recognize brands who can help you. With your own a clearly developed school brand image and promise your parents can TRUST your school brand  and that makes lasting REMARKABLE results  for kids.

Thanks Judy, for keeping your AWARENESS at top of mind for brand. Keep that antenna up every day for BrandED. It can build TRUST. Become as Seth Godin says...REMARKABLE... as remarkable as Dr Ginny. 

With a clearly developed brand image and brand promise your parents can TRUST your school brand and engaged with your brand in life changing ways for kids. Who knows what REMARKABLE changes a school brand can bring to a child in your charge.