Don't Fear, Build an Appealing School Brand

I see some of the rhetoric around the upcoming election is based on fear. I'm already decided about my vote. Yet, in my mobile, I still get push notifications with short headlines that are  fearfully worded messages of impending political doom. Meanwhile, I am "courted" into spending just one more dollar  to support my candidate. I turn that noise right off, and recently it made me think of what some people: salespeople, lobbyists, even religious leaders do to motivate through fear. It's the complete opposite of a BrandED building view and what the best leaders do to persuade.

When you are building a school brand, emotion figures into the design process.This is important to the process, so click to share

In Brad Vanauken's business book, "Brand Aid", his words about brand motivation help leaders into a new leadership territory of the  brand building zone. As we learn more about adapting brand tenets for school improvement, we can use our educator's view to innovate with a careful eye on sticking emotional chords  Led by  a collaborative team, the school brand design experience, the building and implementation,  can be as creative and impactful as any cool ad agency can offer. As leaders guide people toward a discussion of brand promise, they keep the emotional connection to the brand they are building in mind.

it's not the time to create a tough forced directive tone. Move beyond the heavy tone that we now are exposed to regularly. Develop a school promise with claims that create authentic, positive emotional connection to the brand for your stakeholders. 

Words that support positivity in positioning your school brand will become the select categories for curating meaningful stories, online and offline, to promote  the good work of your school. Talk to your emerging community of brand supporters about positioning the school as a place of safety, a place of empathy, a unique environment, a place of competence, or a place of intellectual strength. Be a place that cares. According to Van Auken, these are the words successful marketers use to make connection. Leaders can adapt these words to our school brand work using them as guides to content that will show the positive story of the school. 

What will attract people to your institutional brand? These appealing stories you build  are significant offers that make the school unique. Told from  the perspective of our teachers, kids, staff, and parents they sustain a positivity that is needed in all school communities.. Showcased regularly, they begin the  storytelling effort lead by the Storyteller-in-Chief, the BrandED leader.

Fear not. Tell your story, build relationships, empower learning with brand.