Stand UP Meetings That Create Trust and Safety

                               Set the Scene for Safe Leading with a StandUP Meeting


Looking back on my recent semester teaching Marketing to New Marketers, I'm glad I used the stand up meeting as a way of leading a big group of 38 global students. It's something that has always interested me from my own experience seeing the stand up morning meetings at my local Apple store. recently, I caught this Stand UP meeting taking place on Park Avenue South one early morning. 

I was using the StandUp meeting as I had used in other classes to create connection. I needed to get people from all over the world talking to each other about Marketing, what they knew and didn't know. What they wanted to learn and share. When I got feedback on my teaching after the last class, many of my students mentioned the Stand UP meeting as foundational. There were people who easy came to it, but many who were quite frankly shy. Their culture also was a barrier. Stand UP is based on personal sharing, talking a bit of small talk and a lot of info talk make up the sessions. Some students have no experience with small talk. But I pressed students to do so. I observed them and gave them participation grades through the time in their behavior during the stand Up meeting. I joined in too.

Today I watched a TED Talk about building safety as a leader. I had an epiphany . Why were these meetings so important to building a community of from a group of disparate people? I had created the place for them to learn, to trust and to be safe. Those are all important feelings that help create change, support people involved in learning or involved in innovation.

As I move forward into any sort of training session, I will include the standUP meeting. I encourage you to do it to!  It will extend your leadership ability as you release control and allow the group to stand together and learn in the safety and trust that the leader creates.