Be a Disruptive School a Good Way!


By definition, the word disruptive can look extreme. It's defined as troublesome and unruly.

The word has other meanings that fit an educator's vision of school improvement. Disruptive means innovative and ground-breaking. Think of being the Uber of Education. See a gap and fill the need in a new and engaged way for your audience. Taking on a BrandEd leadership mindset makes a school leader disruptive. It gives people something to talk about... In a good way.

Way before the internet, I was part of the National Diffusion Network of the Department of Education. Without a website, without social media, we created disruptive, innovative grassroots practice across the nation. Of course, we didn't call it disruptive. Instructive, maybe!  It got me hooked on innovation. Today, in the 2.0 world, I've searched education #'s and Twitter profiles and google alerts looking for school leaders who are innovative.

Leaders like Patrick Miller @pmillerscdsb work toward innovative disruption by leading with authenticity. His content, written and curated, on Twitter inspires me, although I've never met him. I know there are many more leaders I haven't found yet that are doing the same, giving people the opportunity to create in disruptive ways , inspiring their teams to create better schools with the wide berth needed for innovative organizational thinking. I'd like to hear from them and invite their voices into the disruptive leader storytelling space . 

Outside the schoolhouse,positive disruptive influence surrounds schools in our new "Sharing Economy". We see the benefit it brings in a fast paced world of change. The Sharing Economy, also commonly referred to as “collaborative consumption”, encompasses transactions in which providers and consumers share resources and services from housing, to vehicles, to services and more. The car sharing models of Zipcar, the ride sharing of UBER are  disruptors. The entertainment giant, Netflix disrupted how we view TV and film. The Sharing Economy has come to education as well through disruptive platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers.  Sharing through digital channels in powerful exchanges with a variety of stakeholders creates a “Sharing Economy” in schools.

Individual school leaders are supporting the growth of a "Shared Economy". "MOVE PEOPLE", as Uber says as it positions itself as a disruptive brand. You, too, can spread the bug for being "disruptive' and innovative in an educator's Sharing Economy. 

Share your thoughts and your disruptive brand story with me.