Leadership Brand Awareness: Let 'em lead the way!

                               RED Being REMARKABLE for FRANKS' DELI ASBURY PARK

Yesterday on Twitter I saw a post that asked how leaders can help their teachers become innovative. It took me back to a counter stool where I'd sat last Sunday at the landmark FRANKS DELI where you can bump into Springsteen, Southside Johnny and Anthony Bourdain. And those people are big brands... but I didn't think of them--- I thought of RED. She is innovating, engaging, spreading the joy with every breath


On any trip I've made to Asbury, I've had to go to Franks, RED has made the difference. Sure their food is to die for, the pork roll, the deli, the bread, the pastry....but what makes the place so special is the relationship customers feel as soon as they arrive. The buzz of connection, belonging, welcome is what keeps them coming back. Innovation is about constant renewal. Every time I go to franks, I feel new---even in this old school place!

So, here's my tip of the day...Leaders, "let them lead the way!" if you want to improve your company or school brand.  Give your employees the permission that Google gives to theirs...let them work from their own passions to create the jobs that make them happy to wake up and come to every day. Look at RED, does she look like she's happy to be there on the job??...!! Her energy spills over to others. And although there is one RED in the room...the glow is shared in those who work alongside of her and the whole organization benefits. 

A leader works on a personal professional brand first...and them finds "hotwires" and gives them permission to shine. 

A favorite thing for me to do when I get into a brand conversation---every 5 minutes of my day it seems--is to ask who I'm talking to...."Sum your brand up in ONE WORD"... I watched Red work. She welcomes everyone in her own big way, she knows the regulars orders, she keeps in touch with words, actions that tell you she's got you at top of mind! Among the brilliant noise of the place, she gave me her one word: REMARKABLE! I had to smile. That word is the tagline for a great marketer featured in @e_sheninger and my book--Seth Godin!  "Remarkable" is a call to action for connection, for engagement!

So When you build your brand...don't be brand myopic...look to your internal organization and let those "hotwires" spark the message of a brand for you... the way that Red has done for every person she lights up in their Jersey day!