Four Planks for a BrandED Campaign

We’re not Selling. We are Telling

Storytelling is a big part of sales and school leaders are part of the "Non Sales" selling world. As I've connected over the last year to the PLN's of forward thinking educational leaders, through my work with @E_Sheninger, I recognize  savvy school leaders make it clear to their audiences that they aren't selling--- educators are not like the salespeople I serve in my consulting work. Yet, like it or not, the big world of education has elements of sales. 

Today’s educators are in the business of telling. As you make your BrandED plan to improve the culture, performance and resourcing of your school, you will be on a persuading "CAMPAIGN". Daniel Pink’s book To Sell is Human describes  “Non-Sales Selling”. His belief is that we all are in the business of persuading.  Using BrandED thinking, we are part of non-sales selling-- through a campaign of TELLING. As we enter into the next phase of campaign season in this nation, let's think of our own campaign possibilities.

Solid planks make up winning campaigns. What's our BrandED campaign based upon?

1. We create a unique product : An educational experience. Let's demystify what we do and be as transparent as possible so that we engage our stakeholders.

2. We can position our product for success.  Form your BrandEd campaign team, an internal team of teachers, staff, kids and parents. Collaborate. Distribute the work. Craft your story in meetings and conversations that you will share with the world.

 3. Let's win hearts and minds in the way the best brands do. In the external world of many stakeholders, the genuine stories we craft and tell  our public can win support --hearts and minds, loyalty and resource partners for serious stuff like passing school budgets and levies.

4. An educators’ brand is integral to the promise of what the school delivers. Identify what you are offering now and for the future. Know the community, the “tribe” you are in exchange with so you can be clear about what they want to contribute to the brand experience.

It’s a never ending story of telling who you are as a school brand. When the storytelling connects  the tribe in a campaign, people are happy. You will see it. You can measure it. A sense of well being can result that improves the climate for change across school initiatives.

A BrandED campaign featuring  business principles that improve your leadership style won’t reduce education to sales. These ideas shape us as new age educational leaders. They are sound in reasoning, and can be  measured for result. The execution of BrandEd principles in a campaign is a highly creative endeavor. You can bring unifying change and power to your community  as you design your own brand TELLING campaign across the real time and digital landscape.