Five Reasons why you Need a School Brand Strategy


Do you know why you need to build a brand for your school in this Digital First world? Without a School Brand, you are missing out on powerful communication.

 If you are in the business of doing "business as usual" as a school leader, you not seeing the big opportunity to improve your school's CULTURE, PERFORMANCE, RESOURCING through what my co-author, Eric Sheninger, and I are writing about: BrandED. 


BrandED is a unique and deeply unifying professional strategy that transforms school communities and benefit kids. Here's a list of 5 reasons why you need to take a page from my business experience of the last 11 years. Those years followed my unique career in education that brought me to this movement. As an educationalist, I'm here with Eric to guide your own #BrandEdu Journey.


You need to think BrandED because in this digital age:

1. You Need to have a Social Profile and a Strong Social Reputation and So Does your School

 Brands are about trust...School brands as well as products or service brands. In a digital world trust is built on engagement online and in real time. You need a strategic approach to be genuine with your community.

2. You need to Show you Care through Listening to your Stakeholders

Understand what your stakeholders' needs are and how the needs are different as you segment your audience. Your stakeholders are used to the engagement of Like and Share --and beyond. Part of serving the community that you lead requires listening and developing emotional connections of the audience to the school identity.

3. You need to Create and Curate Good Content that is the Narrative of your School Brand

Storytelling builds communication and cultivates bonds. That's why many top brands like Disney, Nike, Apple are winners. They build a story that connects their work to the end user. School have limitless potential for communicating locally and "glocally" with the big world through their stories that will show image, promise and result. You don't have to be an international power brand to create content about your thoughtful BrandED identity and mission.

4. You need to Double Down as a Leader on a Relationship Building Mission

Relationships create loyalty. As a BrandED leader, you will find yourself as the chief relationship builder. By doing so you can create partners in three ways: emotional partners, service partners and product partners. Each of these avenues of relationship building can build well being, confidence and power in your community.

5. You need Consistent Messaging both Internally and Externally about your School's Unique Profile

Differentiate your school from others and attract stakeholders to grow your community. Once you develop your brand personna as a leader, you can create the collective effort to be BrandED and to consistently tell the story of your school. Move beyond the logo, the mascot and the one size fits all mission statement with BrandED.