Tell your Story, School Leader, in a "Non Sales Selling" World!

Anyone who has started a business knows the power  of identifying the UVP, the "Unique Value Proposition" of a product or service.  It's sometimes called USP "Unique Sales Proposition" in segments of the business community . Telling is important to brand. And selling is more in line with the business community. But in Schools?

Well, selling is  redefined by Daniel Pink's book, To Sell is Human  which teaches those NOT in the business world  to understand that we all are "selling" though we may not realize it. It's a human thing to do. (If you have kids you see this in your own home, don't you? Our kids illustrate  Pink's theory as they negotiate with us daily!) And it's a natural part of the digital world.of communicating value to our audiences. Pink is actually following in the footsteps of  the great Robert Louis Stevenson's, classic view,  "Everyone lives by selling something."   Keep the thinking of these two thought leaders in your mind. Bring value to your creation of brand for yourself  and  your school. And think about TELLING your story.  I'm not  pushing the  “Unique Sales Proposition”  sales cornerstone from business school on school leaders, but I'm a fan of something kinder and more in line with developing our K-12 schools as places where a USP is known and accepted and shared by the whole community.  I'm a fan of BrandED. This brand principle  helps the community to thrive. To help you tell the story of a school community, identify, in a series of meetings or focus groups or working lunch sessions, the words, terms, phrases that make your community unique. Think bigger about  what achievement means as you find your UVP and honor it. You will be  focusing on more creative  valued ways of showcasing performance that scores on a test can’t begin to capture about your school.

It's the beginning of a story that will genuinely  communicate... Yes, Telling your story  can have a sales impact for your school brand. Sales is communication. Telling your story will highlight and influence. Businesses create powerhouse communication wins  through  crafted stories that reflect their UVP and connect to  their fan's emotions. Brands like Coke, Nike and Apple know their UVP stories.  We’ve seen some of this in education. The International Baccalaureate community has been telling their brand story for years and bringing into public schools. Leaders  can shape our educational brand as these brands do.  Tell your UVP story and feel the power of your school brand and its potential for result.