Business and Schools as Resource Brand Partners: Who do you Know?

Are you a Business who wants to add to your Corporate Social Responsibility Profile? Are you a School Leader/Manager? You both can be a part of New School Resourcing through Brand Building. Business and Education can establish new partnerships in the digital age.




I spent years in leadership positions in schools and have spent the last ten years working with business leaders, building their brand.  When I was in school positions, you couldn't bring up the business world in topics about professional development and school improvement. Nobody wanted to hear what business could teach us.  Today the business world of communication is flattened by transparency and we can see the value they can bring, and the isolationism of the ivory tower in schools has waned. All of it due to digital media and what Tom Friedman calls a "communication mashup". I'm committed to bringing those worlds together.   Brand can do this. In business, I learned from colleagues about the  “1,000 people who Know You” rule,  a mass marketing technique. It can easily be massaged as a guide for developing relationships in a brand campaign. 


As you begin, focus your effort on serving a small part of the school community. That's called "segmentation" in business branding,  Ask what their needs are. Identify and Satisfy. And keep them happy. Your most loyal fans are already with you as you lead. As you begin to tell your own brand story through social media, and digital contacts, these people will be your biggest supporters and they will work more to advance the brand cause.  These people have reach to  their own influencers. They have links to businesses that have volunteer programs where manpower can be enlisted to offer services to your school. Business also has budgets for donations. Identify your core group to start your BrandED. Create the movement with these fans and benefit from their word of mouth inbound marketing impact. Twitter makes it easy to enlist the 1,000 People you Know Rule!