Find Happiness as a BrandEd Leader


We all seek happiness.

There’s a long history of happiness starting with Buddha to the present time. Today an industry of life coaching has grown up around this need for people to find and create happiness. School leaders need that juice. My suggestion isn’t for you to hire an executive life coach to build your confidence and well-being as you look to bring change to your community. Social science can strengthen you on your innovation road.


Since my mission is helping schools improve through use of brand principles, I know successful branding develops from a point of well-being.

Start your campaigns with building happiness. Identify your core mission as a leader. You will begin to feel the sureness of well-being that can steady your resolve for making change.  After finding that for yourself, you can inspire others who will be part of your innovation team. Check out the giving behavior described in Adam Grant’s work in Social Science @adamMgrant that creates organizational well-being. School yourself into happiness first to make change. Let social science help you teach others.

As a service provider for schools, I have seen the stone faced staff looks at many Professional Development sessions. Leaders who front load a change with well-being make my job easier when I visit to give value---and it makes your job infinitely easier as you lead. Be confident and ready. Create well-being on every school level. Your brand will be authentic, resilient, and --happy.