School Leader as Chief Brand Officer

Businesses have currently expanded their C Suites to include a new leader, The CBO, Chief Brand Officer. So How about a SCBO?

For schools that value brand building, the  SCBO is a School Chief Brand Officer. The title won't include a pay raise for a leader, but it will bring superintendents and principals' some tangible rewards rewards. 

A Chief Brand Officer, is a relatively new executive level title. In LinkedIn's Top 8 Chief Brand Officers is  Emilio Pardo, CBO of AARP,,-chief-brand-officerwhose cheeky "You Don't Know aarp" campaign also features FLOTUS proudly flashing her smile and her new AARP card. Nice work! CBO's are individuals who oversees the total brand and marketing mix for a company. CBO’s in business act as the lead motivator. They orchestrate the weaving the brand principles of communication making a true “ReFRESH” for  the school  brand's image and PROMISE . Sounds like something a forward thinking educational leader can take on.

As SCBO champions, school leaders present "brand thinking"-- the  innovative glue for any number of segmented initiatives  fragmenting  a school community’s message and image. The SCBO visions, models and gathers a team representing the school's  internal and external organization to develop the school brand. Understanding that well-being is an important part of the success of any new initiative, the SCBO infuses early opportunities to position the new school brand with early tangible products. The transparency creates good news and smiles.

The School Chief Brand Officer is “Protector of  the Brand”. As the story of the  attributes of the new brand is showcased  in social media, digital, print, and word of mouth channels, the SCBO celebrates the messaging and so does the team. It is the attitude of an SCBO that motivates and inspires the community to get behind the evolving school brand. And to give teeth to the effort, the lead brand officer works with others to find simple but telling ways to monitor the brand image. 

SCBO sounds like a job for a savvy school leader. If you are taking on this role now... I want to know who you "aarp!"